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Aeronca 7 Champion.

This page is specifically for parts and information on the 7 Champion, for other Aeroncas please see the main Aircraft parts adverts page.

Ads for 7 Champions.

On Classic Aircraft are several hundred pages, enabling restorers, owners and people working on older airframes to advertise for parts that they need to keep a particular Aeronca 7 Champion in airworthy, or preserved static, condition. The full list of aeroplanes covered by this free service can be seen on the main ads page. Please only submit 7 Champion advertisements on this particular page.

Enthusiasts for this type of Aeronca can also advertise here, or on any of the other historic aircraft pages. Researchers looking to find out the history of 7 Champions can submit Information Wanted notices here, as can modellers seeking details of a particular variant of this airplane. If you want to buy books on this aeroplane, or aviation in general, check out the links to Amazon on this page.

Elsewhere on this aircraft website you'll find a large gallery of photographs (I can't guarantee any photos of the 7 Champion, but if you have any by all means email them over!) and stories sent in by pilots and aircrew of yesteryear.

If you wish to place a free notice on this page, simply fill out the form a little further down this page and submit it. If other Aeroncas also interest you, remember to have a look at those pages too within this parts and information section.

Please note: due to issues with spammers, email contact addresses have been removed and from now on only telephone numbers will be published.

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Posts about Aeronca 7 Champions already received:
(Please note, I do not recommend sending payment for any 7 Champion item without seeing it, and the seller, in person to establish the validity of the Aeronca item being offered.)
(Add yours)

Parts For Sale Ad. (Harrogate, uk).
Aeronca Champ, 1945, A-65, good condition. new C-85 engine included with B & C alternator and filter - 120hrs since new. 14,500 incl engine
Contact at 01423 567394 (15/8/2004 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (San Jose, CA- 95148).
Brake Drum Assy. Part # 169-00201, ( 2 EA )
Contact at (408) 251-4939 (23/9/2004 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Vt).
Landing Gear for 7EC
Contact at - (19/11/2004 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Des Moines, IA).
Windshield for 7AC
Contact at - (17/1/2005 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (N Alabama).
Need goodyear clips , brakes
Contact at 2562440448 (14/2/2005 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (NC/USA).
I am needing landing gear parts for a 7ECA.
Contact at - (19/5/2005 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Isle of Skye).
Aeronca champ wings wanted
Contact at 01471 820 377 (26/6/2005 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Tasmania-australia).
champ7/11wing kit complet
Contact at 0363947666 (28/2/2006 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Florida, USA).
65 million aircraft parts listed including military
Contact at - (28/7/2006 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Northeast).
Champ project wanted
Contact at - (8/8/2007 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Mercedes,TX).
46 Champ Gas Primer
Contact at - (10/2/2008 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Davie,fl.).
Need a stromberg carb. nas3a1
Contact at - (18/2/2008 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Usa).
Aeronca 7AC full set of struts,NEW, New in UNIVER CO. TUBE. $4,000.USContact
Contact at - (2/3/2008 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (GTJZRtFn).
Contact at tOYRnGpNokSLNgQEs (16/4/2008 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (,tenn.).
Horiz.stabs.elevators, rudder
Contact at 423-727-7448 (28/4/2008 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (,tenn.).
Horiz.stabs.elevators, rudder
Contact at 423-727-7448 (28/4/2008 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Texas U.S.A.).
7/11AC wings (pair)available, new spars/LE/TE/ployfiber cover through silver 8K (usd)exchange or 9K outright
Contact at - (23/7/2008 )
Literature For Sale Ad. (Omaha,Ar.).
7A Manual & Service Bulletins
Contact at 879-426-1386 (11/8/2009 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Omaha,Ar.).
Owner,Operator,Repairman 7A Manual & Service Bulletins from 63 to 73 by
Contact at 870-426-1386 (11/8/2009 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Vermont).
7ac fuel tank
Contact at 802-325-3052 (24/10/2009 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Ohio).
7- AC Project. Everything but struts.All fabric is off. Metal prop,good glass, fuselage in nice shape. wings need a little work before covering. enging logs not all there.
Contact at 614-878-5026 (10/11/2009 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Ottumwa iowa).
Looking for gear for ballanca 7eca
Contact at 641 799 3818 (5/2/2010 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Clyde, ny).
Carb for cont 65hp eng&fuel shut off valve
Contact at 315 923 7745 (30/10/2010 )
Literature Wanted Ad. (Clyde ny).
Parts maual for 1946 7AC champ
Contact at 315 923 7745 (30/10/2010 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (N. Ireland, UK).
Nee Van Sickle wheel hub to replace damaged rim.
Contact at 00442840638384 (7/11/2010 )
Toys Ad. (1).
Contact at 1 (2/7/2012 )
Toys Ad. (1).
Contact at 1 (2/7/2012 )
Toys Ad. (1).
Contact at 1 (15/9/2012 )
Toys Ad. (1).
Contact at 1 (15/9/2012 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (UK).
All Parts available at reasonable prices.Rebuild and Exchange wing service . Deliver and fitting by arrangement.
Contact at UK Mob 07952034445 (29/8/2013 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (UK).
Fuselage, Wings and Ailerons in any condition. Will collect from any UK location.
Contact at UK Mob 07952034445 (29/8/2013 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (New York).
Contact at - (19/7/2014 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (New York).
Contact at - (23/7/2014 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (New York).
Contact at - (24/7/2014 )
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