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This page is specifically for parts and information on the Anson, for other Avros please see the main Aircraft parts adverts page.

Ads for Ansons.

On Classic Aircraft are several hundred pages, enabling restorers, owners and people working on older airframes to advertise for parts that they need to keep a particular Avro Anson in airworthy, or preserved static, condition. The full list of aeroplanes covered by this free service can be seen on the main ads page. Please only submit Anson advertisements on this particular page.

Enthusiasts for this type of Avro can also advertise here, or on any of the other historic aircraft pages. Researchers looking to find out the history of Ansons can submit Information Wanted notices here, as can modellers seeking details of a particular variant of this airplane. If you want to buy books on this aeroplane, or aviation in general, check out the links to Amazon on this page.

Elsewhere on this aircraft website you'll find a large gallery of photographs (I can't guarantee any photos of the Anson, but if you have any by all means email them over!) and stories sent in by pilots and aircrew of yesteryear.

If you wish to place a free notice on this page, simply fill out the form a little further down this page and submit it. If other Avros also interest you, remember to have a look at those pages too within this parts and information section.

Please note: due to issues with spammers, email contact addresses have been removed and from now on only telephone numbers will be published.

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Posts about Avro Ansons already received:
(Please note, I do not recommend sending payment for any Anson item without seeing it, and the seller, in person to establish the validity of the Avro item being offered.)
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Parts For Sale Ad. (Birmingham).
Contact at - (16/7/2004 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Birmingham UK).
Propeller Cheetah LH April 1939 in good condition.
Contact at - (16/7/2004 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Devon, UK).
Cockpit Window
Contact at - (10/8/2004 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Canada, Ottawa).
Avro Ansen propeller
Contact at - (12/8/2004 )
Literature Wanted Ad. (Watfod.uk).
Info wanted for Australian restoration project in Mt Gambier SA
Contact at - (5/9/2004 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Nelson, New Zealand).
Fairey Reed Propellors wanted in excellent condition for flying Mk.1 Anson
Contact at - (9/10/2004 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Nelson, New Zealand).
Anson parts available for sale or trade for other anson parts, huge inventory.
Contact at - (9/10/2004 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Nashville, Tennessee).
Always looking for parts in the restoration of our 1940 British-built Mk1 Avro Anson (RAF) N9942 (RCAF) 6012
Contact at - (17/2/2005 )
Photographs Ad. (London UK).
Anson photos for sale
Contact at - (31/12/2005 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Scotland).
For Sale:Airframe(cowlings;tanks;u/c leg etc) Cheetah Spares;Heads/Barrells;Exhausts.Hydraulics Valves;Pipes.
Contact at - (4/12/2006 )
Restoration Project Ad. (ROMA,QLD.AUSTRALIA).
Contact at - (25/10/2007 )
Information Ad. (Croydon).
Information re. Anson crash 29/9/44 at Merstham, Surrey UK
Contact at - (7/11/2007 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Montreal, Canada).
Armstrong Siddely Cheetah Mk IX Propeller
Contact at - (6/1/2008 )
Information Ad. (Dublin, Ireland).
Modern colour match to titanine TE348 green as used on IAC ansons 1938
Contact at joe-at -maxdecals.com (6/3/2008 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Auckland, New zealand).
Wanted to buy or trade any Armstrong Siddely Cheetah MK IX or X engine parts.
Contact at - (1/5/2008 )
Information Ad. (New Zealand).
I have a Cheetah X prop Drawing no LA 6130/5 HRA 3685 1043. Can anyone tell me a bit of history about this?
Contact at - (3/6/2008 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Misael).
Contact at Ian (25/6/2008 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Kent,England).
Magneto for sale wa originally still wrapped in wax paper with service tag when first obtained will consider any sensible offer
Contact at - (18/10/2008 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Somerset).
Wooden Avro Anson Prop
Contact at 01934 742058 (29/8/2009 )
Restoration Project Ad. (QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA).
Contact at 61-417-710-481 (9/9/2009 )
Information Ad. (Melbourne Australia).
I seek details on the bolts - washers - nuts that secure the propeller to the AS Cheetah X engine
Contact at Aus 0418 550 555 (9/9/2009 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Ontario canada).
Anson MK 2 , Jacobs L6.. Propeller for sale . Never used. Near Mint
Contact at 1 705 9498178 (16/10/2009 )
Literature For Sale Ad. (Adelaide australia).
Air ministry air publication THE ANSON AEROPLANE
Contact at 0438125330 (20/4/2010 )
Literature For Sale Ad. (Adelaide australia).
2 RAFpocket books 1937. blue cover and brown cover
Contact at - (20/4/2010 )
Literature For Sale Ad. (Adelaide australia).
The Royal Air Force & British Air Services Diary 1928
Contact at 0438125330 (20/4/2010 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Adelaide australia).
RAAF Aeroplane
Contact at 0438125330 (20/4/2010 )
Literature For Sale Ad. (Adelaide australia).
RAAF Aeroplane Maintenance Schedule Wirraway Sept 1940
Contact at 0438125330 (20/4/2010 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Adelaide australia).
Notes on RAF Engines Type 3A (1st Edition) Royal Aircraft Factory July 1917
Contact at 0438125330 (20/4/2010 )
Literature For Sale Ad. (Adelaide australia).
Magazine Junkers - Nachrichten Jahrgang 8/ Heft 4 April 1937
Contact at 0438125330 (20/4/2010 )
Literature For Sale Ad. (Adelaide australia).
Special Aero Type ZENITH Carburetters January 1917
Contact at 0438125330 (20/4/2010 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Ontario, Canada).
1 piece wood anson bomber propeller for sale. good condition
Contact at 519-281-0393 (4/11/2010 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (USA).
711-47 and later pistons for 915/L6MB
Contact at 971-570-8112 (11/1/2011 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Somerset).
Cheetah engine parts wanted for restoration of engine ie cylinders pistons heads etc etc
Contact at 07890308488 (28/10/2011 )
Toys Ad. (1).
Contact at 1 (15/9/2012 )
Toys Ad. (1).
Contact at 1 (15/9/2012 )
Toys Ad. (1).
Contact at 1 (20/9/2012 )
Toys Ad. (1).
Contact at 1 (20/9/2012 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (United Kingdom).
Cheetah MkIX Radial Engine
Contact at 07803895933 (26/6/2013 )
Ad. (UK).
AS Cheetah MkIX Radial Engine, Part dismantled but running prior to stripdown. Mounted on all position service stand. Spare heads, barrels, mageneto, starter, propeller, exhaust, spinner etc. Wish to sell in one lot only. Call me to discuss
Contact at 447803895933 (26/6/2013 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada).
Collection of 6-7 Mk. I & II Anson airframes available for anyone interested in re-building 1 or 2 aircraft. Jacobs engines only. No charge, ship at your cost.
Contact at 1 780 994 1175 (16/9/2014 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Oregon USA).
NOS Piston 711B-R51 for L6
Contact at 1-971-570-8112 (22/2/2015 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Blenheim New Zealand).
Wanted.Front plate for propeller boss as fitted on Cheetah1X engine.
Contact at 03 5777670 (7/2/2016 )
Restoration Project Ad. (Tenby ).
Avro Anson Restoration
Contact at 01834870314 (7/3/2016 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Western Australia).
Wanted Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah Propeller and Hub
Contact at 0448191108 (9/5/2016 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (New York).
Contact at - (13/8/2016 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (USA/UK).
Avro Anson metal prop
Contact at ++ 1 502 365 8140 (19/12/2018 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (GER).
Anson horn rudder balance, rusty, placed under leafs since 1944 presumably
Contact at 01733466819 (29/9/2020 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (United Kingdom).
Unused original propeller. 1943
Contact at 0044152761897 (10/1/2021 )
So far, 48 advert(s) for the Avro Anson have been received. You can place your own by filling out the form here.

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