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The delta winged V-Bomber

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Photograph taken in the 1960s at Farnborough airshow

Avro Vulcan Hugh sent in this fantastic photo of the classic delta-winged Vulcan bomber, built at Woodford in Cheshire.

Here is Hughs story ..

"I just found your site and thought you might like this picture of a Vulcan at Farnborough back in the early sixties. Unfortunately I didn't write the date on the original slide.

I have a question which you might know the answer to. There was one year at Farnborough, at a time when everyone was getting paranoid about the dangers of nuclear strikes in which they towed 3 Vulcans down the runway, cold, and performed a Le Mans style start. I seem to remember that they had all 3 aircraft in the air within 3 minutes... very impressive. Do you remember which year that was?

Best regards,
Hugh Buckle
Australia "

Can anyone shed any light on Hugh's query???

Thanks again for sending in this great photo!

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