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Beagle B206.

This page is specifically for parts and information on the B206, for other Beagles please see the main Aircraft parts adverts page.

Ads for B206s.

On Classic Aircraft are several hundred pages, enabling restorers, owners and people working on older airframes to advertise for parts that they need to keep a particular Beagle B206 in airworthy, or preserved static, condition. The full list of aeroplanes covered by this free service can be seen on the main ads page. Please only submit B206 advertisements on this particular page.

Enthusiasts for this type of Beagle can also advertise here, or on any of the other historic aircraft pages. Researchers looking to find out the history of B206s can submit Information Wanted notices here, as can modellers seeking details of a particular variant of this airplane. If you want to buy books on this aeroplane, or aviation in general, check out the links to Amazon on this page.

Elsewhere on this aircraft website you'll find a large gallery of photographs (I can't guarantee any photos of the B206, but if you have any by all means email them over!) and stories sent in by pilots and aircrew of yesteryear.

If you wish to place a free notice on this page, simply fill out the form a little further down this page and submit it. If other Beagles also interest you, remember to have a look at those pages too within this parts and information section.

Please note: due to issues with spammers, email contact addresses have been removed and from now on only telephone numbers will be published.

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Posts about Beagle B206s already received:
(Please note, I do not recommend sending payment for any B206 item without seeing it, and the seller, in person to establish the validity of the Beagle item being offered.)
(Add yours)

Information Ad. (UK).
Wanted: Performance Graphs for Mk2 B206
Contact at - (17/6/2004 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Sussex).
Beagle goi-470 engine spares
Contact at - (6/10/2004 )
Information Ad. (Caracas, Venezuela).
Beagle B206S reconstruction project, need all the help I canget, Literature, Drawings, Parts, etc.
Contact at - (24/10/2004 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (New York, USA).
Have Beagle/Need Prop Have ALL Build and Maintenance manuals Have Spare Crated GIO-470-A Engine
Contact at - (1/11/2004 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Australia).
Wanted Airfilters for 206s
Contact at - (7/12/2004 )
Literature For Sale Ad. (Canada).
Original B206 Manual set for sale
Contact at - (21/12/2004 )
Literature For Sale Ad. (Canada).
Original B206 Manuals for sale - The email address was incorrect in last add.
Contact at - (21/12/2004 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (AUSTRALIA).
Looking for servicable B206S to purchase
Contact at - (19/1/2005 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (UK).
B206 Turbo wanted
Contact at - (19/1/2005 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Illinois. USA).
Have 1966 B206. Need Props. Prefer 3 blade but will check out all.
Contact at - (23/1/2005 )
Restoration Project Ad. (New York).
Beagle B206 Series 1 (Basset Mk1) with spare engine FOR SALE
Contact at - (31/1/2005 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Sao Paulo - Brazil).
Oil filter for B206Sīs Continental engine needed
Contact at - (2/11/2005 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Monterrey Mexico).
B206 (1969) airplane and spare fuselage, looking for potential buyers
Contact at - (15/12/2006 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (UK).
Beagle B206 parts wanted, mainly McCauley props, would consider whole aircraft!
Contact at - (1/11/2007 )
Restoration Project Ad. (New York, US).
Beagle B206 Series 1 For Sale with Spare Engine.
Contact at 2127274729 (1/12/2008 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Brampton Ontario Canada).
I have some spare parts ie aircraft instsruments Sperry autopilots actuators and other parts. You may e mail at
Contact at (905) 455 5433 (20/3/2009 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Staffordshire).
Large quantity of Beagle B206 parts available for purchase.
Contact at 01889271777 (18/10/2013 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Indonesia).
TR Blade. 206-010-750-7. 2ea TR Hub. 206-011-802-1. 1ea MRH Assy. 204-012-120-3. 1 assy TR Hub. 174-641-104-4. 1ea Email :
Contact at - (29/5/2014 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (USA).
Need nose gear door
Contact at 954-214-2100 (23/5/2016 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (USA).
Buyer of Beagle Parts
Contact at 954-214-2100 (23/5/2016 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (New York).
Contact at - (18/5/2017 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (USA Massachusetts).
Hard landing, prop strikes. Have new 3-blade McCauleys, looking to rebuild or sell parts
Contact at 7817899291 (6/3/2018 )
Restoration Project Ad. (Illinois US).
BEAGLE B206 II Complete Aircraft
Contact at 2174735398 (3/5/2020 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Boston, MA USA).
Beagle B206, series II new engines, new props, parts for sale
Contact at 781-789-9291 (5/6/2020 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (USA).
BEAGLE 206 II Complete (
Contact at 2174735398 (20/11/2020 )
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