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Blackburn Beverley with RAF Transport Command.

Vintage aircraft photographs.
Around Christmas time, 1965, Eric Deeks found himself at Bario, in Borneo, with the RAF Transport Command. At the time, the Blackburn Beverley was the RAF's heavy transport plane of choice. These photos were taken during various runs, whereby the crew of the Beverley had to parachute down various loads from the cargo hold of the aircraft, to a target on the airfield below. Fuel drums were one of the more common supplies, and the intention was for them to land as close to the target as possible, taking into account the prevailing wind speed and direction - smoke from a fire assisted with these calculations. Thanks to Eric for sending them over, the Beverley is a favourite of mine. The first example I ever saw was at the RAF Museum at Hendon, but sadly it wasn't preserved during it's tenure there and ended up being scrapped. Happily one Beverley is still in existence, and the Beverley Association's website has some photos of their aircraft (XB259).
The first of Eric's photos shows Beverley XB291 passing overhead and assessing the scene.
Blackburn Beverley flies overhead the airfield in Borneo.
Oil drums seen exiting the Beverley.
Air drop from the Beverley.
The Bev' prepares for a low pass, too low for a drop.
A low fly-by.
Turning tight and low for another exploratory pass prior to an air-drop.
Flying low.
The oil drums parachute down and hit their target.
Target hit.
Thanks to Eric for scanning his old slides and emailing them over. Two other photos, both black and white, featuring Beverleys in the UK, can be seen here and here.

A set of RAF Beverley photographs.

Terry Bull contacted me a while back, and sent this fine set of b/w Blackburn Beverley photographs. He served as an Engineer at RAF Abingdon between 1963 and 1965. Thanks for sending them over!
Beverley at RAF Abingdon
Beverleys on the apron at RAF Abingdon
Coming in to land
Beverley landing at RAF Abingdon
Close-up view of this aircraft
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