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This page is specifically for parts and information on the B29 Superfortress, for other Boeings please see the main Aircraft parts adverts page.

Ads for B29 Superfortress.

On Classic Aircraft are several hundred pages, enabling restorers, owners and people working on older airframes to advertise for parts that they need to keep a particular Boeing B29 Superfortress in airworthy, or preserved static, condition. The full list of aeroplanes covered by this free service can be seen on the main ads page. Please only submit B29 Superfortress advertisements on this particular page.

Enthusiasts for this type of Boeing can also advertise here, or on any of the other historic aircraft pages. Researchers looking to find out the history of B29 Superfortress can submit Information Wanted notices here, as can modellers seeking details of a particular variant of this airplane. If you want to buy books on this aeroplane, or aviation in general, check out the links to Amazon on this page.

Elsewhere on this aircraft website you'll find a large gallery of photographs (I can't guarantee any photos of the B29 Superfortress, but if you have any by all means email them over!) and stories sent in by pilots and aircrew of yesteryear.

If you wish to place a free notice on this page, simply fill out the form a little further down this page and submit it. If other Boeings also interest you, remember to have a look at those pages too within this parts and information section.

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Posts about Boeing B29 Superfortress already received:
(Please note, I do not recommend sending payment for any B29 Superfortress item without seeing it, and the seller, in person to establish the validity of the Boeing item being offered.)
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Information Ad. (Quincy, Il).
Looking for scan of blueprints (larger the Better) for 3D modelling project
Contact at - (26/9/2004 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Minesota).
Contact at 2183261369 (30/12/2004 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (South Florida).
B-29 APU, unrestored, 31 hours on meter
Contact at - (6/2/2005 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Sydney Australia).
I am after free parts for a B-29 static display in Australia, andything and everything welcome Thanks
Contact at - (3/3/2005 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Mass USA).
Andover Motors Acc Power Plant Engine 10 HP 3200 RPM V32 serial # 9976
Contact at 978-423-4308 (22/1/2006 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Australia).
B-29 manuals for sale
Contact at - (11/3/2008 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (California, USA).
Looking for a piston from a B-29 Superfortress engine. Important gift for a avid and aging retiree. Please contact with any possibilities, thanks.
Contact at - (7/6/2008 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Mn).
Andover engine apu v32
Contact at 507-381-8139 (26/1/2009 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (San antonio tx.).
Bomb aim. gun sight swing arm
Contact at 210-658-3442 (17/1/2010 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (California).
B-29 navigation blister for sale $1000
Contact at (909)996-1964 (18/4/2010 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Peterborough).
Wanted, parts for andover v32
Contact at 07825 033 061 (23/4/2010 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Peterborough England).
Andover APU V32 parts req;d , cooling cowlings, and generator, perhaps other bits and bobs
Contact at - (23/4/2010 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Wichita Ks.).
Bendix Aircraft Starter for B29 or B17, Model 3, Type 915, 24V, Pix aval.
Contact at 316-522-0485 (25/4/2010 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Santa Clara ,Ca).
B29 lawrence APU
Contact at 408 243 0187 (3/5/2010 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Calif).
3 good year wheels
Contact at 9518455094 (26/11/2010 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Coleraine, Minnesota).
Contact at 218-244-6478 (6/12/2010 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Knoxville TN).
I am looking for some sections of B 29 to graft onto my 1969 Supercoach to make a rolling solar technology display. Windscreen, bomb bay doors and perhaps some of the taper from the tail.
Contact at 8652296633 (15/4/2011 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Holland).
Lawrance APU 5cil rad
Contact at +31615085577 (10/9/2011 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Holland).
Im looking for a Lawrance APU 5cil radial engine. Please send information to
Contact at +31615085577 (10/9/2011 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (USA).
Andover V32 APU (Complete) for sale
Contact at 505-452-7943 (25/9/2011 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Minnesota).
Wanted to buy B-29 Steering Yoke
Contact at 651 436 2844 (9/2/2012 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Australia).
2x breathing oxy bottles stainless steel
Contact at 0435283268 (22/7/2012 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Australia).
Wanted 2 breathing oxy bottles B29 stainless steel
Contact at - (22/7/2012 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (West Virginia).
B29 Nose glass parts
Contact at 3046701432 (6/3/2014 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Nipomo California).
Need front nose cone and glass for a B-29 bomber
Contact at 805-474-8494 (7/3/2014 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Tucson Arizona).
Andover VD32 D2 Need parts or whole unit
Contact at 520 884 8014 (11/6/2014 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Tucson Arizona).
Andover VD32 D2 Need parts or whole unit
Contact at 520 884 8014 (11/6/2014 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Tucson AZ).
Have Compete Reconditione Andover VD32 for Sale
Contact at 520 884 8014 (11/6/2014 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Indiana).
Andover apu v32 cooling shrouds
Contact at 801 874 6412 (7/8/2014 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Cleveland,Ohio).
Looking for parts to reconstruct a B-29 Superfortress at our facility. We were originally built as a wing assembly plant for the B-29 bomber. we want to preserve the history of this aircraft. contact at 216-265-2505 (27/8/2014)
Contact at 216-265-2505 (27/8/2014 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (United States).
Nos andover v32 engine parts. sell or trade
Contact at 7653466033 (6/2/2015 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Fresno, california).
Apu v32
Contact at 559-338-0809 (9/7/2015 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Newton ks ).
I need a fuel pump for an Andover v32 APU
Contact at 316 213 8408 (29/7/2015 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Scottsdale Az).
Curtis-Wright R-3350 Cylinder (3)
Contact at 480-993-7375 (22/8/2015 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Cambria Ca.).
Main landing gear accuator Assembly for B-29
Contact at 805 235 0162 (1/9/2015 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (California).
Curtiss Wright Engine Parts For Sale
Contact at 805-654-1162 (28/10/2015 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Air Heritage Aircraft Restoration).
Need a fuel pump for ranger APU
Contact at 7248432820 (26/2/2016 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (United States).
B29 wheel, yoke, cap all or parts
Contact at - (10/12/2016 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Pennsylvania ).
Sperry rear turret control panel
Contact at - (17/12/2016 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Pennsylvania ).
Sperry rear turret control panel
Contact at - (17/12/2016 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (New York).
Contact at - (19/2/2017 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Sylmar, Ca ).
B-29 steering yoke/wheel center plastic cap with Martin usa star logo
Contact at 8188330329 (17/12/2017 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Sylmar, Ca ).
MFG main frame data plate or UA Army Air Forces data plate
Contact at 8188330329 (17/12/2017 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (New York).
Contact at - (11/5/2018 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (New York).
Contact at - (27/11/2018 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Lancaster Pa.).
Contact at 717-471-2624 (18/12/2018 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Flowery Branch, Ga).
Willing to buy
Contact at 770-965-6113 (18/9/2020 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Flowery Branch, Ga).
Wanting to buy steering yoke
Contact at 770-965-6113 (18/9/2020 )
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