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McDonnell Douglas DC-10.

This page is specifically for parts and information on the DC-10, for other McDonnell Douglases please see the main Aircraft parts adverts page.

Ads for DC-10s.

On Classic Aircraft are several hundred pages, enabling restorers, owners and people working on older airframes to advertise for parts that they need to keep a particular McDonnell Douglas DC-10 in airworthy, or preserved static, condition. The full list of aeroplanes covered by this free service can be seen on the main ads page. Please only submit DC-10 advertisements on this particular page.

Enthusiasts for this type of McDonnell Douglas can also advertise here, or on any of the other historic aircraft pages. Researchers looking to find out the history of DC-10s can submit Information Wanted notices here, as can modellers seeking details of a particular variant of this airplane. If you want to buy books on this aeroplane, or aviation in general, check out the links to Amazon on this page.

Elsewhere on this aircraft website you'll find a large gallery of photographs (I can't guarantee any photos of the DC-10, but if you have any by all means email them over!) and stories sent in by pilots and aircrew of yesteryear.

If you wish to place a free notice on this page, simply fill out the form a little further down this page and submit it. If other McDonnell Douglases also interest you, remember to have a look at those pages too within this parts and information section.

Please note: due to issues with spammers, email contact addresses have been removed and from now on only telephone numbers will be published.

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Posts about McDonnell Douglas DC-10s already received:
(Please note, I do not recommend sending payment for any DC-10 item without seeing it, and the seller, in person to establish the validity of the McDonnell Douglas item being offered.)
(Add yours)

Parts For Sale Ad. (Atlanta, (Newnan), Georgia, U.S.A. ).
DC10 First Class Seats, orange in color and in fair condition
Contact at - (15/8/2007 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (New York City).
I work for John Varvatos, hes a desiger in New York and hes looking for window panels from a DC 10 to display in either his stores or showroom. Please let me know if you have ny for sale or if you could direct me where I could purchase one.
Contact at - (13/11/2008 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Bangladesh).
I am interested to buy scrap or live aircraft/restoration project or other parts (such as avionics, landing gear etc). Please call me or send email to me at
Contact at +88 01720681449 (28/1/2009 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Ft. Worth Texas).
DC-10-30 Wing Slats,OHC, call 817-244-4574
Contact at 817-244-4574 (13/2/2009 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Austin tx).
2 rows of 2x4x2 DC-10 seats for sale new still in box and plastic. These seats were bought from Brice Manufacturing Co. but the client backed out. Contact for more info.
Contact at 469-867-2058 (20/4/2009 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (U A E).
Aviation Mil-spec wire, cables, connectors, terminals, BP2380 turbine oil and transducers for Helicopters and Jets Please contact
Contact at +971 50 4819710 (4/11/2009 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (England).
Cherished car registration number DC10 FLY now available.
Contact at 02392 264755 (4/12/2009 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Maryland (USA)).
We need some \Cheap\ McDonnell Douglas air plain parts for school project. Could be as simple as some nuts/bolts, or even broken parts.
Contact at 877-696-0717 (2/5/2010 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Jakarta, Indonesia).
Currently parting out DC-10-30. All parts available for sale, please email us for listing or free to send request to
Contact at +6287873399397 (10/8/2011 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (The Netherlands).
Looking for PN 39207-00-01. Qty:1
Contact at 0031844211966 (14/2/2013 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (New York).
Contact at - (2/4/2014 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (New York).
Contact at - (11/1/2015 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (California).
Curtiss Wright Engine Parts For Sale
Contact at 805-654-1162 (28/10/2015 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (New York).
Contact at - (11/8/2016 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (New York).
Contact at - (21/5/2017 )
Parts Wanted Ad. (Mississippi - USA).
Looking for AGA7595-32 Door Assembly seal
Contact at 601-607-6576 (29/6/2017 )
Parts For Sale Ad. (Cincinnati, Ohio).
DC-10 Wings
Contact at 5135246477 (9/1/2020 )
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