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Gloster Meteor IV

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Photo sent in by Myra Bowers showing her father and a MkIV Meteor after WW2

Meteor jet fighter Can anyone help with Myra's question, sent in to me recently along with the photo above:

"My name is Myra Bowers..I now live in New Zealand. I have a photo taken during WW11, of the Meteor IV aircraft.

My father, Thomas Evans, is in this picture. He is the short fellow 5th from the left in the front in a trilby hat. Notice that many of the men are wearing ties to work!

When he came home on leave, he would not say where he was working, nor what he did.. We knew it was something secret. Unfortunately he was killed before the end of the war, and we never got the whole story, except for this picture in his effects.

All I know is he was an expert on leather. He and his father had made saddlery for the Royal Horse guards at Buckingham Palace. Indeed I have seen the Evans saddles at a royal exhibition in the 60's.

As to whether my father was involved in upholstery of pilot seats, or something else in the assembly, I will most likely never know. Unless you have any details of the original assembly team?"

Can anyone shed any light on what Thomas Evans did whilst working in aviation in the mid 1940s?? All replies will be forwarded, please get in touch via the Contact Us page, thanks. And thanks to Myra for allowing the picture to be shown here at Classic Aircraft.

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