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Miles Aerovan G-AGOZ.

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Bernard Rabone was sorting through some of his late father-in-law's possessions, and came across the two photographs of a Miles Aerovan shown below. His father-in-law served as an aero engine fitter in the RAF after WW2, stationed in Belgium and Germany. He's keen to find out more about how the aircraft came to be photographed with various RAF officers in attendance. Was it on a demonstration flight, perhaps under evaluation with a view to possible military usage? Bernard is also keen to find out where this photo might have been taken.
The Miles Aerovan G-AGOZ
The Aerovan visits the RAF

The prototype M.57 Aerovan registration G-AGOZ.

As mentioned, this particular M57 Miles Aerovan (reg G-AGOZ / U-0248) was in fact the first of the prototypes produced by the Miles factory, recognisable from later examples primarily by the fitment of rectangular, rather than circular, cabin windows. It first flew in January 1945. Although you'd need a tape measure to tell, Aerovan 1 also had a shorter fuselage than later aircraft. In common with subsequent prototypes, Aerovan 1 was powered by twin Blackburn Cirrus Major III piston engines.
These diminutive transport aeroplanes were produced in 1946 and 1947 at the Miles factory in Woodley, Berkshire. Records suggest that this particular aircraft was scapped in 1949. According to an article in FLIGHT magazine, November 1960, Aerovan G-AGOZ had been reduced to serving as a toolshed in a garden not far from the factory. Do any images of this exist? Was this to be AGOZ's final landing place, or did it get rescued?
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