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This page will feature several hundred vintage aircraft photographs that have been sent in, by visitors to the site. There is plenty of room for more photographs, so if you have any interesting old images that capture aircraft from years ago, whether civilian or military, it'd be great to feature them on here if possible. I've also put together a couple of video slideshows featuring early photos, which can be viewed below.
If you have anything that you think may be of interest, by all means drop me an email. Many of the photos have been sent over by ex-servicemen, or relatives of aircrew that once flew these classic types, and others by aircraft enthusiasts, who spent every possible hour hovering around the perimeter fences at their local airfield(s).
As interesting as the photographs themselves are on their own, the stories behind such images can really bring a scene to life, so with each picture I've included the background information as supplied by whoever forwarded me the picture. Some of the photos relate to classic early jets such as the Canberra, Vulcan and the Valiant, whereas earlier pictures featuring an aircrew with their Avro Lancaster during WW2 were sent by relatives of the pilot. One contributor was part of a Canberra photo recce crew during the Christmas Island nuclear test programme in the early 1950s, and his recollections are also featured. Recent photographs featuring vintage and classic aircraft types, can be seen in this separate gallery of aircraft images.

Individual aircraft photographs.

Christmas Island Atomic test at Christmas Island as photographed from a Canberra.
Avro Lancaster Avro Lancaster of 195 Squadron, sent in by Kit Harvey.
B1 Vulcan Avro Vulcan B1 seen doing a low pass at the Farnborough air display.
Blackburn Beverley Blackburn Beverley practicing air-drops of supplies in Borneo, 1965.
Lightning jet English Electric Lightning photographed at RAF Wattisham in 1963.
Meteor Gloster Meteor IV seen in the mid/late 1940s.
HP Victor B.Mk1 Handley Page Victor B.Mk1 at Farnborough.
F4 Phantom McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom of 14 Squadron RAF.
Miles Aerovan Miles Aerovan 1 prototype G-AGOZ on a RAF visit.
Vickers Valiant Vickers Valiant Mk1 WZ397, flying close to Table Mountain.
Vickers Valiant crash scene Vickers Valiant Mk1 and Bill's first-hand account of it's crash on take-off.
Vickers VC10 Vickers VC10 XR806 and XR807 of RAF Transport Command.

Collections of aviation images.

Prototype Concorde Aircraft photograph collection #1. A fantastic set of period photographs featuring both civilian and military types, kindly sent over by Dave Trutzenbach.
2ATAF bombing competition 2ATAF Bombing Competition memories, pitting the 2nd and 4th Allied Tactical Air Forces in a series of competitions using Canberras, F104 Starfighters and other types.
English Electric Canberra English Electric Canberra B.I.8 plus an account of working as part of 14 Squadron, RAF Wildenrath by Bill Yates.
Canberra English Electric Canberra PR7s, B2s and other types sent in by Bill Yates (ex-RAF).
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