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Valiant Mk1 WZ397 Royal Air Force nuclear deterrent

RAF V- bomber over Table Mountain

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Photograph of a classic RAF jet of the 1960s

Vickers Valiant Bill Yates sent me this photo showing WZ397 with Table Mountain in the background, the photo was taken from sister Valiant WZ399 which ended up being written off after a take-off crash in the USA :

"..photograph of Vickers valiant B(PR)K WZ 399 of 543 Squadron fm Wyton, taken during detachment in Cape Town. I was the senior Navigator(plotter) in Flt Lt Harry Clerbaut, our Pilot and Captain who was A1 qualified and a QFI (Qualified Flying Instructor). We had 2 aircraft and 3 crews plus ground crew, operating out the international airport on photo recce in South Atlantic. My time on 543 was short lived due to Valiant WZ 399 crashing after take off (read about this crash here) which put me in hospital and then recoup at Headley Court followed with ground tour. Best regards Bill Yates ex Flt Lt."

Bill also flew out of RAF Wyton in Canberra PR3 and PR7 variants, including being at Christmas Island in the 1950s for the British nuclear tests.

Thanks again for sending the picture in!

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