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RAF Transport Command Vickers VC10s.

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The Vickers VC10 has always been one of my favourites, whether in military use as with the two VC10s featured below, or with civilian operators such as British Airways. Both of the press photographs featured below are stamped "British Aircraft Corporation Limited (Weybridge Division)".

VC10 C Mk.1 XR806.

Photograph number one is of XR806 in the livery of the Royal Air Force (RAF) Transport Command, flaps lowered, coming in to land at Wisley in Surrey, according to a handwritten note on the rear of the print. Wisley airfield was built towards the end of WW2, opening in 1944 and was used by Vickers for testing purposes until 1972, when the airfield closed.
VC10 C Mk.1 XR806 suffered irreparable damage in 1997, and was broken up in 1999, although the forward chunk of fuselage was spared the scrapman's torch, and re-located to RAF Brize Norton where it was used for battle damage repair training. Late 2009 saw the remains of the fuselage moved to the fire dump at Brize Norton, so it looks like this once-proud aircraft ended its days with the fire department for training. No.3 galley from this particular VC10 survives however, in a private collection.
BAC Vickers VC10 landing

VC10 XR807.

Sister VC10, XR807, is seen here arriving at the Farnborough air show in 1966. 807 continued to fly until 2010, when she and XV109 were delivered to Bruntingthorpe for dismantling, after which the serviceable items were removed into store and the remains scrapped.
VC10 XR807

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