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Old Westland Wyvern Photo at Classic Aircraft

This Westland aircraft photograph is one of over 100 rare aviation images that Dave kindly sent over, all taken by him, mostly at various UK airfields and airshows during the postwar years.

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For more photos like this Wyvern aircraft pic, please visit the main pictures page, where all the photos Dave sent in can be seen. If you have similar old photos of Wyverns or other Westland aeroplanes, please get in touch.
Westland Wyvern photo

Westland Wyvern aircraft photo (No.33)

This photograph looks like it was taken at the scene of Fireflys getting the chop (Gosport). This Wyvern appears to be in the process of dismantling. Note the pickup hanging out from the rear of the fuselage - a hint at its carrier-based operations.

I am always on the look-out for fab old photos like this Westland Wyvern image shown above. If you have any photographs that you think would fit in well here, please please get in touch. Photos of aircraft, whether military or civilian, of other Wyverns or different Westlands, are all keenly sought, thanks! So long as it has an aviation theme to it, I'll put it on here. Please drop me a line via the contact page if you have anything suitable to share. The rest of Dave's airplane photographs from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and the 1970s can be found on this page.
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